Replacement Siding in Autumn

Replacing the siding on your Birmingham home is a cost-effective way to boost curb appeal, improve protection against the elements, and upgrade the energy efficiency of your home. Those aren’t the only benefits of choosing new Birmingham siding—you’ll also create a more attractive home for potential buyers, and it’s a home improvement project with a high return on investment.

If you’re considering a siding replacement, now’s the time to do it! Why replace your siding during the fall? Check out the top three reasons why this season is the best time to update your home’s exterior.

Fall Temperatures are Milder

Hot summer days and cool summer nights are ideal for backyard barbeques or spending time by the pool, but they aren’t ideal for installing replacement siding. As temperatures rise, the molecules in your home’s exterior materials become more active, causing the materials to expand. When the temperature dips, the reverse happens and your exterior materials contract.

Expansion can be problematic for siding installers trying to measure vinyl siding for a custom fit for your home, which is why fall is an ideal time to install new siding on your home. With fewer temperature fluctuations, your installers are able to get a more accurate measurement for a perfect fit and seamless installation.

It’s Back to School Time

For homes without children, back to school time isn’t much of a consideration, but if you’ve got kids you understand why a home improvement project in fall would be preferable. Summer days can get hectic, but when the kids are back in school, your home is a quieter place, allowing your contractors to work efficiently and uninterrupted.

Preparation for Winter

If your siding is warped, cracked, or otherwise deteriorating, you’re probably spending more on heating and cooling costs than you should be. Don’t spend another winter overpaying energy bills due to inefficient and outdated siding, get your siding replaced this fall! The sooner you install more energy-efficient insulated vinyl siding, the sooner you’ll receive the benefit of reduced heating costs.

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