Once you’ve invested in a deck, it’s up to you to decide how you will use it. 

Evening Lights

Decks aren’t only for daytime! When the sun goes down, it’s nice to have some mood-lighting. Look into either solar or low-voltage lighting, depending on your time and budget limits.

Mid-day Shade

You could go the permanent shade route with a roof or pergola, or be less-involved and use a shade sail or umbrella. Either way, providing some shade is a summer must. Click here for some easy DIY shade ideas!

Seating and Decor

Choose a piece of furniture that can be your deck’s focal point (a table, a raised fire-pit, or rug) and use it to guide your décor and seating. Don’t be afraid to dress it up a little!


Lawn grooming supplies, pool equipment, and outdoor toys can all be stored beneath your deck discreetly if you simply add lattice and access doors. Or you can set up the space as a shady spot for sweltering summer days. It’s up to you!

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