Your deck can be a lot of things but it is still a part of your home so it’s understandable to be concerned about privacy as well. Fortunately, keeping prying eyes away from your deck is not a gargantuan task.

Use Your House

As your deck is an extension of your home, looking at the lines of its architecture not only lets you know where to place your deck but also where you can place walls or extend the roof line to give you more cover. This can help create a more fluid connection between your deck and the rest of your home, making additions less like an afterthought and more like they’ve always been there as a part of your landscape.

Put Up Your Defenses

Privacy fences, screens and panels are the most common ways to add more privacy to your deck area. Solid board fences are quick ways to create privacy, and they also come in various styles, stains and finishing to complement your home. Privacy screens and panels, on the other hand, are less permanent and expansive, and can even be moved around. Trellises and lattice fences are also great ways to add privacy without impeding sunlight and completely obstructing your view. Plant vines beside them and you’ll not only boost privacy but also add greenery to your deck.

Create Shade

Have a canopy awning installed over your deck and you’ll be able to shield your deck from higher-story windows while keeping out the sun. Opt for a retractable awning and you enjoy the flexibility of deciding when you want cover. A pergola is another good option. Just like a trellis,it can provide shade and privacy but it also doesn’t block out the sun completely.

Add Foliage

Utilize trees, shrubbery, and tall grass to draw eyes away from your deck area. In the same vein, before you clear everything on the site of your deck addition, you should try to take advantage of the foliage that’s already there. Your old tree can be your own natural canopy as well as a centerpiece to your yard. Lush greenery around your deck help soften the enclosure while still make the area feel intimate and secluded. You can even add drama by planting a variety of trees to provide seasonal flair and color.

A deck is a great investment. In Part 3, let us show you how you can make the most out of it by teaching you how to properly care for your home’s newest addition.