When installed correctly, it will be hard for your roof to give you any trouble. Over time, however, it will take a beating from the elements and the passage of time, and even the smallest problems caused by them can be expensive. To help protect you from such problems, Blair Remodeling discusses everything you need to know about your warranty options:

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Warranty Terms

Warranties include terms that spell out their purpose and whether they are transferrable, such as “Lifetime” or “30 Years.” For instance, “lifetime” usually means the expected lifetime of your roofing in Birmingham, AL while the original purchaser of the roof is in possession of the home.

However, this doesn’t mean that the warranty can’t protect you when you buy a home. Most warranties have transfer clauses. A common clause is that a warranty can be transferred to one additional owner, provided that he or she will inform the company of the new ownership. This will have to be done within a certain period.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the materials that make up the roof, and is included with almost every roof installation. It’s also known as material defect coverage. Sometimes it covers only new materials while at other times it also covers the labor cost of installation.

Manufacturer’s warranties cover you when something goes wrong with the shingles and other materials. These materials can last for decades under a lot of stress. This is why these warranties have long coverage periods, with some lasting up to thirty years.

Installation or Workmanship

Most manufacturers offer warranties only for their products since they have no control over the installation process. For that protection, consult your contractor.

Many roofers in Birmingham, AL offer installation or workmanship warranties. This covers only the labor. If the materials fail at the end of their expected lifespan, the workmanship obviously isn’t subpar and the warranty will not cover your new roof.

Ask Blair Remodeling for more information about the warranties and guarantees we offer. We have received certification from many manufacturers, including GAF, Tamko, CertainTeed, Duro-Last, Verisco, and Owens Corning. These certifications allow us to offer extensive warranties. Call us today at (205) 282-4010 for a free estimate!